In A Pickle Lily At Mallingdown


Crumpsbrook Dill of Mallingdown


The Greytest Con In Mallingdown


Callixus Athena For Mallingdown


Mallingdown Dogs

Welcome to our website and we hope you enjoy seeing and reading about our dogs.

Mallingdown is named after a place in Sussex that means a lot to us and our history with dogs. It was only fitting that we named our kennel after somewhere that meant so much to us. We are now based in Lincolnshire.

Our dogs are active working dogs and we always look for a dog that fits our lifestyle and is fit for function. All our dogs compete in a variety of sports. One of the main ones being canicross and bikejor and agility. Updates of their activities are blogged on the website.

Dill and Raven are  Large Munsterlanders, so if you are interested in the breed please get in touch. We are happy to talk about our experiences with our two, the highs and lows. We can also point you in the direction of other dogs you can meet in your area.

Please take a look around and meet our dogs and see how amazing they all are.


Big thank you to our sponsor K9 Trail Time for kitting out the dogs for their racing and getting us the equipment we need!