Curbar Edge – Peak District Adventures

Curbar Edge – Peak District Adventures

Curbar Edge
Paul with Mozi & Dill on Curbar Edge

I should have written this after we did the walk and I had planned to but life happens! So here it is, our circular walk starting at Curbar Edge in the Peak District. We did the walk on the first May bank holiday, we had hoped to have done another one by now but due to the lovely hot weather, we felt it wouldn’t be right to take the dogs on a 15+km walk in these temperatures, especially as they haven’t acclimatised yet.

We chose the route from the Ordance Survey app, we love this app so much! You need to pay a small fee annually but it is 100% worth it. People plot walks on there and rate them which is really handy when deciding whether or not the walks will be dog safe or not. We had been recommended a little car park up by Curbar Edge though told it fills up quickly so we aimed to get there early. It gave us a good starting point when looking at routes on OS maps, there are quite a few walks all different distances so lots to choose from! The only warning I would give with the app is there are routes that have twisty paths where the route is a straight line through the middle so though it might say 10km; you might end up doing a lot more! So just one thing to take into account when using the app.

Curbar Edge
Lily on Curbar Edge in her non stop line harness from K9 Trail Time and her collar from Devil Dood Designs.

When we arrived there were a few cars in the car park but it was relatively empty. We were able to park in the shade, which made a big difference when we got back! We started by going up to Curbar Edge and that appears to be where most people went to take photos and then didn’t go any further! So though it appeared busy to begin with the further we walked along the edge, the less people we saw.

There is no denying that the views from up there are breathtaking. It was stunning. We started the walk just before 9am, which was a little later than we had originally planned. It didn’t matter in the end though but I wouldn’t get there much later, by the time we got back the car park was heaving!

As we started coming off the edge and heading down a bit we came across a stream that led to a waterfall, sadly where we were we couldn’t see it but you could hear it! The dogs took the opportunity for a cool down and drink in the water which I think they appreciated as it was getting a little warm.

Curbar Edge Walk
Paul checking the OS maps to figure out where we were

The path then followed down until you got to a road, as it is the peak district it wasn’t the best in terms of being able to see what was coming. Luckily there were a few cyclists holding the traffic up in each direction so we were able to cross quite easily. Then we went down some steps to another stream, this one we had to cross! The dogs enjoyed another dip before we heading up a hill, past another car park and then up again through Froggat Wood. Here there were lots of bluebells that hadn’t come out into flower yet but I imagine it would have been stunning if they were out! There were however, quite a lot of deer. Deer who were not scared of four dogs on lead. Deer that didn’t even flinch when Raven couldn’t hold her excitement in any more and started calling to them to come and play with her. I was glad the dogs were on lead at this point, those deer were moving for no one.

We then reached a road we walked along before following the path up an incredibly steep hill and somewhere whilst climbing this hill we got ourselves a bit lost! I honestly don’t know how but we found some water for the dogs to chill in and have a drink and we stopped and had some lunch whilst we worked out the best route to take. By this point, I was very hot and the dogs were getting hot too. It wasn’t supposed to be very hot, in fact it was supposed to possibly rain and we were well equipped in case it did! But it didn’t.

Peak District Walk
Mozi doing offlead heelwork down the steep hill

When we got going again we ended up going down a very steep hill, it was steep enough that we let Lily and Mozi off lead rather than trying to get all four down on lead. They both did amazing and paw perfect heelwork the whole way down. You wouldn’t have known they were off lead with how close they stuck to us. They went on lead again at the bottom and then we started off on our walk again, we managed to get back on track but we did miss a little bit of the intended walk.

We then got to some land that I believe was owned by the National Trust and suddenly we saw a lot of people again. As we walked along we reached a large car park on the corner of a road, which we crossed to get over to White Edge. The walk along White Edge, once we got up there as we took a wrong path, was quite busy. Thankfully it was also a lot cooler up there so we were all able to cool down as for quite a distance there were no natural water stops. We did stop to drink and give the dogs a drink but I think it would have been harder on all of us if it had been really warm still. I was really grateful for the clouds rolling in. I wouldn’t have minded if it had rained, Paul said he was glad it didn’t!

Due to how exposed it was up there and though we had coats with us, neither of our coats were exactly the types of coat you want when out hiking. We have since bought new coats both from Alpkit, I have got the Fortitude and Paul has the Balance and so far they are epic. I hate coats that I might get too warm in and these are not those type of coats so if you need a coat, seriously check them out! They aren’t cheap but they were definitely worth the money! One of the best birthday presents Paul has bought me for sure!

White Edge
Me with Lily & Raven along White Edge

Back to our walk – The terrain along white edge was a lot more rocky than Curvar Edge. With all the people you really had to pay attention to where you were going. The dogs were brilliant throughout. We did have a laugh when someone pointed at the four of them and mentioned how lovely it was to see dalmatians.

We followed along White Edge until there was a path down on the right, we then went down some steps, over a stream that looked a bit iffy, then back up and to the car. It was a brilliant walk and an amazing day, I would highly recommend doing this walk with your dogs! Just be aware it gets busy, there were dogs off lead at points and dogs on flexi leads being allowed to do what they want. Other than that it was a wonderful day, a lovely walk and you should go do it too!

I really have to give the dogs some credit. They were so well behaved on our walk. Raven did get a little whiney and annoyed about the fact she couldn’t say hello to the deer but other than that they all walked on a loose lead, none of them were silly about anything. They honestly were amazing. We went to visit Paul’s parents afterwards as they now live South Derbyshire and it made sense as we were over there. The dogs then somehow managed to find energy to run around their garden like loons! Raven was clearly tired but she obviously finds these walks harder than the others. Saying that she recovered really well from it and I was really impressed with her. We have fit dogs, quite clearly! Love them!

Curbar Edge Walk
Lily at the top of the steps on the way back to the Curbar Edge car park