Photo taken by Yulia Titovets

When we brought Lily home we hoped that one day she would do agility. It looks so easy when you watch them all doing it at crufts! How deceiving is that? Agility is tons of fun but it has taken three years or training before Lily was ready to enter into any sort of show. We have been lucky enough to train with a range of trainers to work out the best handling system to use and have learnt loads about jumping, the muscles involved along with the work that it goes into training a top agility dog. We have lots of work to do with Lily but agility training is so much fun!

Lily has managed to get several 1sts though they aren’t always clears! She knows how to challenge us during training and keeps us on our toes!

In 2016, Lily’s first season competing she didn’t get very many clear rounds, the ones she did were amazing! She won out of Grade 1 at her 2nd show, she then didn’t get a clear round till KCI when she managed to get two clears to qualify her for the starters cup at Discover Dogs in London!

She didn’t go clear in either of her rounds at Discover Dogs but it didn’t matter, it was an amazing experience and she coped with the whole experience really well.

Our 2017 season saw Lily winning out of Grade 2 and finishing the season by winning out of Grade 3. End of 2018 she won out of Grade 4 and now is happily Grade 5. We have no intention of ever winning out of Grade 5 as you get the best of all courses. We are just enjoying ourselves now.

2019 Dill started competing. He still has a lot of training to do but we needed to get him out in competition so he could train/work in a high arousal state.