The most awesome Sponsors…

The most awesome Sponsors…

Canicross Harness
Lily’s second ever race – Novice Bikejor class
Photo by Shane Wilkinson

So we may not have been racing for the last year and our priorities on what we race have changed, however Emily at K9 Trail Time has always been their to support us with getting the correct canicross harness for our dogs.

We first met Emily far too many years ago to remember, we wanted a canicross harness for Lily but we found it really difficult to get a harness that actually fitted her. We had a custom made harness that was way too big for her and so we wanted something better. We started with the Non Stop Freemotion Harness because to be honest it was the one that everyone else wanted! We tried to a size 4 and then when she grew a bit more the size 5, that then didn’t seem right so we tried the size 6 and then we went and spoke to Emily. After all, everyone starts somewhere and the world of canicross harnesses aren’t always the easiest to understand. This is made worse by the fact that, lets face it, we all go to social media for advice.

Anyway Emily put her back in the size 5 and explained that it fitted her really well, however we went to a few races and it didn’t take too long before we noticed it seemed to be getting stuck in her armpit. Something we wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for the fact we were racing and there were photographers! We tried both the Zero DC short and long canicross harness but both moved in the same way, we also tried the non stop nome harness but that moved the worst out of the lot! So we ended up using the Howling Dog Alaska Flash Harness as the larger chest piece seemed large enough that it wouldn’t move.

Canicross Harness
Photo by Shane Wilkinson (Chillpics)

As you can see the issue we had with this harness was that it covered her shoulder and we have other photos to show how it wouldn’t let her fully extend her front legs. The lesson here – enter races if only for the photos! They can show you a lot about the harness fit on your dog.

The problem was at the time we had exhausted Emily’s stock, and the stock of other harness shops too. Nothing would fit her and so we went with the best of the worst for a could of years. Then Emily got in the Dragrattan harnesses, the xback, we had the same issues with all the others but the multisport – breakthrough! We found a harness where the line had space to move across the back string and so the line moved but the harness didn’t. As we did more with Lily and she lost weight she ended up going down a size but many years later she still happily runs in this harness. It is far from perfect but it is miles better than the others about.

Through the years we spent trying to find that harness for Lily, Emily also helped us sort Dill out. He started in the freemotion, we borrowed a zero DC long for him but it really didn’t suit him (again thank you race photos!), he has also ran in the non stop nome until we found he fitted in the dragrattan xback beautifully. Finding him a good harness was no where near as stressful as it was with Lily and even though I messaged Emily a lot for help, especially with Lily she was always so patient.

I volutneered to help Emily where I could because of the amount of time she had put into helping us with Lily and then Dill. When we got Mozi she was just as helpful with recommending harnesses that might fit his body shape – for a puporse bred sled dog that these harnesses are supposed to fit, they totally didn’t.

Canicross Harness
Limited edition Non Stop Freemotion, K9 Trail Time Fully Loaded line

Emily has been there to help kit out all four of our dogs now. She is always on hand for advice and to help us when need be. This is the reason I have no problem promoting her business. K9 Trail Time is a small business run by a qualified hydrotherapist which gives the business a whole level of experience above others in the market. Emily understands how dogs move physically, she understands how harnesses need to fit so that they don’t cause any problems. This is something you don’t get with the other businesses out there. On top of that she see’s gaps in the market and works alongside Arctic Wolf to create amazing kit such as the Adventure Harness, The K9 Trail Time Fully Loaded and the Trail Canicross Lines and there are many other things in the pipeline.

I honestly can’t put into words how much we appreciate Emily and all she does for us and the dogs. She is a relentless worker, does everything to further help dogs. Please support her!

She has given us a discount code so you can get 9% off anything on her site using MallingdownK9.