Modelling for Devil Dood Design

Modelling for Devil Dood Design

Hex biocanvas martingales and a cotton rope slip lead

So I am still super excited that we have been given the opportunity to work with an amazing small business called Devil Dood Direct and a section of the business called Devil Dood Design. It is the side of the business that creates apparel like collars, leads, scarfs, scrunchies and snoods. They have just released their spring collection with some beautiful items and we got sent a few to take photos with.

The girls are wearing the blue and pink Hex bio-canvas collars, both martingales and these have pretty much become their normal every day collars! I absolutely love them! Raven has a tag from Lady and The Hound Studio which was custom made and is stunning and looks so good on the collar. Needing a tag for Lily I have ordered a beautiful floral purple tag from Tails & Bloom and I am so excited for that to arrive. It will look so good on her martingale collar!

Emily (who owns Devil Dood Design (DDD)) also sent us two slip leads, they are about 3ft long which is quite a difference to the 5ft slip leads we have been using. The cotton rope leads since they arrived as we wanted shorter slip leads as we are doing lots of lead walks however we think they might be a little too short. Saying that the leads are amazingly soft and I love them so I have got a 4ft one on its way to see if that is a better length for us. However if anyone wants a rope lead whether slip or not (She offers normal clip leads and training leads!) then I would strongly suggest checking them out.

Spring Collection Velvet Sleeve – Peaceful Peacock

We were also sent four biothane collars with the new Spring Collection Velvet Sleeves. We got four designs, the Peaceful Peacock, Amethyst Arrows, Lilac Meadow Grass and Teal Meadow Grass. They are all beautiful and so soft! We are still without doubt getting used to this whole modelling thing and so we are trying to take the products out to photograph when we can. Thankfully the dogs being the stars that they are, know how to pull is out the bag. They are the best and most patient dogs when I am trying to take photos of them. Especially as this product photography stuff is a bit new to me. Hopefully we aren’t doing too badly!

I can’t do a blog on Devil Doods Direct without mentioning our dogs favourite toys – Zippy Paws! You buy one toy that has three more toys inside it! The munsters especially absolutely love them! Emily also has different enrinchment toys, chews, almost everything you could possibly want you can get on her website! We can also give you a discount code: Malling10 to get 10% off any of her Devil Dood Designs stuff – it doesn’t work for toys/treats/etc.

We really do feel so privileged to work with Emily and her business. Not going to lie I do wonder if I am doing enough, taking enough photos for her as I really don’t want to let her down. It is super exciting though and I am loving the opportunity! Really hope you see just how awesome her little business is too!