Photo by Horses For Courses

Back in 2014 we entered our first canicross race. Paul took Lily, it wasn’t the most ideal conditions but they did well and sort of enjoyed it. A month later they entered their first bikejor race as part of the Canicross Midlands Novice Wheels category. They did surprisingly well and went on to win the novice wheels category for the whole season. Though Lily does love running in harness she does so more for fun then competition now.

Dill started racing in 2015, he started off racing in the novice canicross class, which they won over the weekend. A few months later he started racing on the bike and as they say… the rest is history!

Dill surpassed all expectations we had for him. We just hoped he would enjoy it but he lives for it. He loves to run, he puts everything into it. It is a job for him to do, one that he wants to do and one that has built a strong relationship between him and Paul. They work together as a team and are incredibly in tune with each other, we believe this is why even now the racing is more competitive then ever, they still do well, placing high and not being far off the top times.

In 2016 Dill raced at the IFSS European coming top 20, they then finished 16/17 season ranking 16th in the world cup. During the 17/18 season Paul and Dill ranked 2nd in the UK, with the BSSF for Male Elite Bikejor and they won the Canicross Midlands Series for the second time.


Dill has also won TriDog multiple times. The event was pretty much invented for him, swimming and running all in one! He is an incredibly strong swimmer and he lets everyone know just how happy he is whilst he is swimming along with Paul.

Mozi started racing at the end of the ’18 season, with two small canicross runs. He lacked focus, was easily distracted but ran quite well. Over the 18/19 season we tried to get him out to races as often as we would to help build him up around that environment. We trained him in a way that meant we kept him motivated, keeping all runs short, ending on a high and always running him last so that he saw everyone else go out first. He improved massively over the season, getting his first british ranking, 2nd place. He finished the season at Easter ’19 putting down some times that always knew he was capable of. His confidence just grew daily racing different courses in far from ideal temperatures. He worked his little paws off and we were incredibly proud of him. We can’t wait to see how he continues to develop.