Agility Nuts & Widmerpool Working Test

Agility Nuts & Widmerpool Working Test

Photo by Agilityfoto

On the 3rd September we had Lily entered in at the Agility Nuts show up at Thoresby Hall. She was entered into a team and then 4 other classes. However due to me feeling really ill on Friday we didn’t do all the classes.

We had a mixture of faults throughout the day, to begin with it was mostly her weaves, I don’t know if it was because it was raining or what but she did not want to weave.

Our first class was a combined 1-2 Agility class. I have taken on some advice I had was given at KCI and so we just ran the class, I didn’t take it easy, I didn’t check Lily got all her contacts, we just went to see what would happen if I just let her go.

We made a few mistakes and because of the weaves and because I really wanted her to get them it meant that she actually got some time penalties too! The weaves are one thing I will be pushy with her about. I don’t want her to practice coming out or not getting the entrance!

Believe it or not she came 2nd lol! How ridiculous is that? Apparently everyone else got E’d!


Our second run was a tricky Graded 1-2 class. She actually did really well with it, again we had weave problems… the monkey!

She came 2nd in this too but they only placed for 1st.

Our next run was for the triple team qualifier, I didn’t hold much hope not with how Lily’s weaves were going! So of course she didn’t get the weaves… think she dropped a pole as well. The whole team was disqualified though because Jasmine (our last dog) jumped over the start jump so restarted the time before they got a time for us. So we were disqualified for messing with timing.


We spent the rest of the day waiting around for our last run of the day. It was a really long wait! It was a Graded 1-3 class and I knew Lily had a great chance of winning if I could get her round clear. It was a very big if!

I am still unsure as to whether she did or didn’t get the dog walk contact, either way she got 5 faults and that was that. Oh and she still went and won it! She won’t be going up to grade 3 though as she got the faults. We have another show on Sunday so lets see how that goes!

So on Sunday…. We went to Widmerpool!

Its a big deal to us, the first working test we took Dill to, when he was a little puppy, and so it kind of means a lot to us. He was a bit of a pain but that didn’t surprise us, Dill will be Dill!

Photo by Sharon Newman Dill doing his blind retrieve in his own way.
Photo by Sharon Newman
Dill doing his blind retrieve in his own way.

His first test was retrieve 1 – a split. One blind, one seen with a starter pistol. The dog is supposed to be sent out to the blind and then the seen, so Paul set him up and sent him for the blind. He went out straight (like usual) and then arced round to the seen (like usual) and so Paul blew the stop whistle, he actually sat! So Paul sent him towards the blind, he moved a little then turned back to the seen so Paul stopped him and tried to send him again but Dill just sat there and barked and barked and barked. Dill was 100% certain that Paul was wrong. Annoyingly Dill then went and got the seen and delivered it beautifully to hand but Paul wasn’t allowed to send him for the blind so he as far as Dill is concerned he was right and Paul was wrong. A little annoying that we couldn’t prove Paul was right but such is life. He got 4/20 for that retrieve.

His second test was hunting. We were lucky that he didn’t have to wait ages but as soon as Paul released him he shot off barking! Of all things! He was in a very vocal mood yesterday! He did hunt really nicely though but was reluctant to stop on the stop whistle. He got 30/40 for hunting.

Third test was retrieve 2 – a long blind. He isn’t usually good at blinds but he shot out, stopped a little short so Paul sent him back and he went back and managed to get the dummy. He then headed back but disappeared over a bank so Paul couldn’t see him but we could! The blind was right next to the lake and Dill went straight in it and dropped the dummy. He then recalled to Paul, who then sent him to get the dummy and he then happily splashed in the water after the dummy, returned to Paul, cocked his leg up the hedge and then dropped the dummy at Paul’s feet. Oh Dill! He got 0/20 for that one!

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 17.26.12
Photo by Sharon Newman

The last test was the water, the one he should be able to do but who knows with Dill! They were set up at a post with a run down into the water, a good length swim and then back again. Dill shot out like normal, jumped in the water and swam straight for the dummy, got it, came back, shook – he was still holding the dummy! Then… he gave it back to Paul! Woohoo! He did something right! 19/20 for the water!

So all in all Dill came 17th out of 25 with his lowest novice mark yet! 53/100! Haha one day he might be able to put it all together on the day! If nothing else, he knows how make us laugh and have a good day 🙂