BSSF Thetford

BSSF Thetford

So Thetford was a race that was very Thetford like. It was flat, it was pretty square, it was Thetford. It was also very warm! Paul biked Dill both days finishing 3rd each day and he ran Lily and came 1st both days! It was a bit of a crazy race with the canicross because there were only two people in the class and for a championship race they were quite slow! But a win is a win and Lily got a gold medal! Paul and Dill got a bronze medal over the weekend.

We learnt a lot about Dill with the heat over the weekend. He has never been good with the warmer temperatures but we noticed he appears to be growing more coat – great timing Dill! Can’t believe he has decided that it’s worth growing a coat ready for summer! How typical! We are looking into other ways to keep him cool, he loves this sport, he loves racing but before anything his health has to come first. We soaked him before his race on Sunday and it made a huge difference, he was much happier, so we will be doing similar at races in the future.

There isn’t much to say about the racing, it was uneventful on the whole, simple racing.

The video below shows Paul and Dill’s race from Sunday.

This was the last race in the championship series – we weren’t able to make Scotland so only competed at two of the three races. Paul and the dogs did really well though!

Paul and Dill have managed to get a national ranking of 4th in the male bikejor elite class.

Paul and Lily managed to get a national ranking of 3rd in the male canicross elite class!

The mad thing is that Paul & Lily have probably qualified to race at the world championships in Poland! That is something that won’t be happening! One day though we hope Paul will be able to bike at the world champs, even if he and Dill had qualified we wouldn’t have been able to get to Poland this year but we do wish all our friends the best of luck out there in October. We will be super jealous!

Just got a couple more races for this season and hopefully we will make the first Tridog Triathlon as well.


Oh and Crufts soon too! Dill will be on the Discover Dogs stand on Saturday and in the activity zone on the canicross stand on the Saturday and Sunday. We look forward to seeing lots of people and chatting about our favourite sport!