Large Munsterlander Club Working Test 2016

Large Munsterlander Club Working Test 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 08.47.55So yesterday was Hall Barn!

It was the one working test of the year that we decided we would do because we wanted to support the Large Munsterlander Club. Paul works Dill and I steward where needed, which this time was the seen retrieve.

It is a long drive to Hall Barn, a good two and a half hours depending on traffic! It also means hitting the M25 which is always fun…Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)Watch movie online Rings (2017)Watch movie online Logan (2017)Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

We managed the drive down easily enough, not much traffic on a Sunday morning! We arrived around 9ish for a 9:30 start. Paul took Dill to the exercise area and let him have a good bomb about, do a couple of retrieves, just to the get the initial energy boost out of him. They then went to the morning briefing and were split into groups to try and get everything done.

First off they went to do the blind retrieve.

When I realised they were doing the blind first I did chuckle, at least he would fail the first one and hopefully do better on the others!

It was a reasonably straight out and it was just one blind rather than a split. He shot out and found the dummy rather quickly. Paul was even a bit surprised! Much like Dill’s recent issue though he took the dummy hunting and then took what he believed was the fastest route back to Paul which meant going up a path rather than back through the trees. He got a 12/20 for the blind.

They then took part in the seen, this was a little bit different. The dogs were set up to mark the retrieve when it was thrown. It was off at a slight angle and wasn’t the easiest for dogs that didn’t pay attention. Dill marked it beautifully and shot out, he came back whilst having a sniff here and there but he brought it back to hand eventually! He got 17/20 for the seen.

He then went and did the water. He raised his bum up a bit when the dummy was thrown, the little monkey! He did put it back down again without being asked but still! He shot out again, we love how he enters the water, he is always so careful, no splashing. He swam out, got the dummy, looked as if he was going to swim off with it so Paul called him back in, he got up on the bank and dropped the dummy(!!!) and then shook! Flipping dog! He hasn’t done that in ages. Paul then had to call him because he was looking like he was going to bugger off but he picked the dummy up and brought it back. Paul got told off for using his name and not having a command after it… ah well. 15/20 for water.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 08.47.12After lunch they got to go do their hunting. Paul got caught up trying to get Dill to hunt a corner which really he should have left. Paul also got told off for over handling Dill. The hunting judge was marking the dog and the handler, 10 marks for the handler and 30 for the dog. Dill did somehow manage to stop on the stop whistle! Still not sure how that happened but it did, he plopped his bum down right away and recalled in when asked! Shock doesn’t cover it! Somewhere the work we have been putting in has clearly paid off! So proud of him! Paul got 7/10 for handling and Dill got 27/30 for hunting. This meant the pair of them got 34/40 overall for hunting which we are properly chuffed with!

So for our second working test of the season and 3rd ever in novice we are incredibly proud of our boy. He is a proper monkey, has a lot of cheeky character but we adore him! We really can’t explain just how proud we are of this boy. Paul is hoping to do another working test with him soon but I will be at a Chris Zink seminar so will relay how they do when they get back.

One of the other good things about Hall Barn, Dill gets to have his photo taken with his dad 🙂