Crumpsbrook Dill of Mallingdown

DOB: 22/05/14

HUU: Clear

Sire: Ch Paddockridge Rulander

Dam: Crumpsbrook Jasmine

Pedigree: Here


Dill is our first Large Munsterlander and our first pedigree dog.

We spent a lot of time doing our research before we decided what breed we would like and so we settled on a large munsterlander. After waiting for a long time we finally brought our Dill home and he has been interesting to say the least!

Dill has been a challenge; he is very different to any other dog we have ever trained, normal training hasn’t worked with him in the way it does with others and so we have had to learn different ways to train him. He was not a biddable puppy and even as he has grown he is very strong headed and knows his own mind. Dill has also been incredibly slow to mature mentally, this has also been challenging.Large Munsterlander We have made plenty of mistakes with Dill and his training, especially his gundog work. For the right person who knew what they were doing he would have been a machine under a gun! The mistakes we have made with him means he probably won’t ever be the best gundog but he has taught us loads and never fails to make everyone laugh at the working tests!

Dill ran his first canicross race at 16 months competing in a novice canicross class over a weekend which he won with Paul. In December 2015 he competed in his first bikejor race at 18 months, we were thrilled that he and Paul got 2nd place! In March 2016 Paul and Dill qualified for the selection process of team GB for the IFSS European Champs in November 2016. In August 2016 they were informed by the BSSF that they had been selected for the team to compete in the elite bikejor class and then competed in November 2016 coming in the top 20 which was an amazing achievement! They finished the 2018 season with a silver in the British Championships for the Male Elite Bikejor.

Photo by Horses For Courses

Regardless of what we have got right or wrong with Dill, he is one of the family and we adore him! His love for running has made him an amazing racing dog, he is the clown of all his gundog classes and he never fails to make us laugh. He will always be there at the door with a toy or some piece of clothing in his mouth waiting for you. His whole body wags in excitement when he sees you. We completely adore him even when he is being a pain the backside!