In A Pickle Lily at Mallingdown

DOB: 27/03/13

Lily is a mongrel, she was taken into Raystede Centre of Animal Welfare at 6 weeks old and we brought her home at 8 weeks.

Lily was Becky’s first dog of her own. After wanting an active dog that we could use to test our abilities with Lily was perfect. She is such a character and makes many people laugh with her crazy antics!

Due to not knowing her parentage other then the belief that her mother was a springer x setter we took a DNA test for her to find out whether this was accurate and to have an idea what her father would be. The test showed she was a mongrel but did have four clear breeds in her heritage, springer, lab, english setter and pointer. The springer is evident if you see her out and about, she loves to spring through long grass!

Lily started agility at 13 months and showed real promise. She has had group and one to one lessons and started competing early 2016. She is a super little girl round the course, her handler needs a lot of work! They did however somehow manage to get to Discover Dogs in the Starters Cup final during their first year of competing and they continue to train and develop together. She is currently Grade 5 and loves her agility, her confidence grows each year.

Photo by Agilityfoto

Lily had her first canicross race in October 2014 after starting at a year old and both her and Paul did really well! They started bikejoring that same year and won the novice wheels series. In September 2015 they started competing in the open categories against the big boys! Lily has also competed in the 8-12 years canicross category as she is a dog that is reliable enough to run with children. She has been used several times now to introduce people to canicross, she is a solid dog who looks after her runner! She doesn’t compete in harness anymore, as she doesn’t enjoy the races but she loves to put her harness on and train!

Lily lives life with a can do attitude. She does everything with so much joy and puts all her effort into everything. She is a special girl who means an awful lot to us, she is the one who will make you smile when your sad, if your angry she will be there trying to calm you down. She is our little peace maker. We completely and utterly adore her!