The Greytest Con in Mallingdown

DOB: 27/03/17

Sire: Magnus

Dam: Indi 

Pedigree: Here

Mozi is our first Greyster, he is a purpose bred sleddog. His mother is a Traczer dog bred by Igor Tracz imported from Poland. His dad is bred by Lena Boyson-Hillestad, imported from Norway. Mozi was bred in the UK and had an amazing breeder who gave him the best start in life, we hope to continue the work his breeder did so that he grows into a confident well rounded dog.

Mozi is Paul’s second race dog as Lily would much rather just run for fun and enjoys her agility much more. He will start off as a canicross dog and as he matures will then take it in turns with Dill to be on the bike. This way Paul can enter canicross and bikejor races, rather than one or the other.

Mozi was a very sweet puppy and has grown into the most amazing adult. He is very easy, pretty chilled and just loves life. He loves spending time with our dogs, he reads other dogs really well. He is everything we could have hoped for and more, we can’t thank the breeder enough for everything she did with him to give us this amazingly well rounded pup! He is growing in to an amazing dog, he is so loving and a pleasure to live with! Mozi is the clown in the house, he is such a doofus and makes us laugh every day.


Mozi’s training for harness sports started around 6 months when we first let him free run whilst Dill was being canicrossed. We have built this up slowly and around 8/9 months he got a harness to get used to and learn to pull in. He loves to run, he speeds around at full pelt whenever he can. Mozi was entered into his first race at Catton Hall 2018, just after his first birthday. He entered a class that was only 2km, just to get him used to the race environment. He coped with it really well, lined out nicely at the start line, had good focus, overtook other dogs without an issue and finished 2nd on the two days he raced, both times beaten by his sister. It was a great first experience for him and since then he also did a Magic Mile event where he got to run a mile in race conditions. His first season has not gone quite to plan, not because of Mozi but other life stuff has got in the way to getting to the races. The races we have been to he has just been amazing. He is getting better with each race, learning to trust Paul, how to read the bike. He is learning all the time and putting down some amazing times. He has managed one silver and one gold in the BSSF national champions 18/19 giving him and Paul a 2nd overall in the British placings. He still has a long way to go, getting his brain in the right place before racing is still a challenge but we are all learning together and he has amazing potential.

Alongside his running we have also trained Mozi as a gundog, his whistle work is pretty good and his retrieves are really coming on. He has this habit of when putting the dummy back in your hand to jump up in front of you first. Another one of his little quirks that makes us laugh. He is a very happy boy, loves his home comforts and he loves his food! Mozi loves a good cuddle, he is increidbly affectionate. He is one of those dogs that is just so easy to live and we honestly couldn’t love him more. We adore this boy so much.