Callixus Athena for Mallingdown

Large MunsterlanderDOB: 17/09/18

HUU:  Hereditary Clear

BHFD: Hereditary Normal

Eyes: HC Unaffected

Sire: Seahaven’s Celtic Commander of Hartenziel

Dam: Tarkanya Mea’s Moonshine

Pedigree: Here


We had been looking for another munsterlander ever since we got Dill, we had found a bitch we had wanted pups from but the litter never happened for various reasons and so we kept looking. It wasn’t long after we heard that wasn’t going to be happening that we heard rumours of Mozi’s litter happening and so we decided as there wasn’t a munster litter about we would look at getting Mozi. Just as we decided this a litter came up that would have been perfect but we were getting Mozi by then, however they were planning a repeat mating! As it happened the repeat mating was going to be too early, Mozi would have been too young but as fate had it, things didn’t work out as expected! Which meant when Bea did fall pregnant the timing was perfect!

Raven is the puppy we have been waiting a long time for. We got pick of the litter, which meant we could have whatever pup we wanted. No one wants pick of the litter – it is so stressful picking a puppy! There was something about Raven though, she isn’t the one you would necessarily pick to be a show dog but though she will show it will only be a tiny part of what she will get up to. She did manage to qualify for Crufts at her first show. We are hoping to do some gundog work with her and if all goes well she will also canicross and maybe even try two-dog scooter with Dill.

Raven was developing into the most amazing puppy, everyone loved her. At 16 weeks we had an incident which meant she had a fractured vertebrae. Her future is not quite what we planned but we are hoping to give her a full and enriched life. If you want to follow her progress then you can do so following this link.