Gundog Work

Gundog Working Tests

Photo taken by Rebecca Goutorbe at the Kennel Club Working test, Chatsworth House

We had always hoped to do some gundog stuff with Dill but for a while it was just something we did with him on the side of his other training. In fact we were close to stopping the gundog stuff to concentrate more on other things such as his competitive obedience. Even so we decided to give it a go at the Large Munsterlander Club Natural Aptitude Test where he was one of only five to pass! Since then we have been working with him as we teach each other how this gundog stuff works. He has taken part in a few working tests while in puppy class and gradually improved though he did have to finish his last puppy class by coming last in spectacular style! Luckily it was also his first novice test and he came 8th out of 19 which we were super chuffed with! We are proud of him and how he is working, he looks amazing when he is working!

In 2017 we decided to put gundog work and the working tests on the back burner. We found the environment wasn’t very encouraging which made it less motivating for us to work with Dill. We have said we may go back to it at some point.

19-04-15: LMC Nat Ap Test – Pass

Puppy Class

25-05-15: Hungarian Vizsla Club Working Test – 46/100

05-07-15: Large Munsterlander Club Working Test – 67/100

26-07-15: German Shorthaired Pointer Working Test – 59/100

05-09-15: Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Working Test – 72/100

12-09-15: Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club Working Test – 36/100

Novice Class

12-09-15: Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club Working Test – 64/100

11-06-16: Kennel Club Working Test, Chatsworth House – 58/100

03-07-16: Large Munsterlander Club, Hall Barn – 78/100

24-07-16: German Shorthaired Pointer Association, Little Dalby – 63/100

04-09-15: Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Working Test – 53/100