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K9 Trail Time The best place to get kit for canicross, bikejor and scooter. Very experienced in harness fitting! Highly recommended!

The Large Munsterlander Club, a great resource for finding about other munsterlanders and learning lots about the breed.

Rulander Boys is the website of Dill’s father (Doug) and his brother (Lionel)

Crumpsbrook is the breeder of Dill

Darkensky is the kennel of Dill’s sister Keiko and uncle Loki.

Hartenziel Dogs very good friends and owner of Rookie (Raven’s dad) along with two of her siblings and her nephew (by Drake).

Rock Greysters Mozi’s breeder

ChampDogs very useful website to find any pedigree breed. Lots of munster litters are listed here.