A month on…

First Snow!

Raven is now 4 weeks post op and she has an appointment next Monday to see how she is doing. So we have both taken the day off work so we can go down and have what I think might end up being a bit of an argument with her vet down at Dick Whites. I am hoping that all his doom and gloom was just him giving us the worst possible case. However Raven is doing really well, as far as she is concerned she is a puppy that wants to run around and play.

Over the last couple of weeks Raven has started hydrotherapy for rehab, it is slightly different to the fitness stuff the other dogs do as it is slower and more supportive. The therapists make sure that she moves her legs properly on the treadmill so that she moves equally and builds up her muscle again. She has taken to it really well, her first session she just walked around the water filled treadmill and you could tell her she had worked hard, her back legs were cleraly quite tired afterwards. Her second session they started to move the belt and she was so good, it took a little while to find the right speed so that she walked properly but she did so well. She has her third session this week and will be having it weekly until they feel she doesn’t need it in the same way for rehabilitation. Then she will go back to having sessions every other week when the others go.

At BSSF race in Pembrey

So… her lump has reduced, the swelling ‘hump’ that she had has almost gone. I am not convinced the last ‘lump’ is the same thing and think it might actually be part of the implant. Guess time will tell. You can feel the cement and metal pins when you run your fingers down each side of her spine. It feels so different. She has a roached back now too that I don’t think will go back to normal either. She still has a turned out back left leg and I am hoping that is still muscular, it has improved massively in the last 4 weeks but she still turns it out quite a lot, which she didn’t do before. She is getting much better with her sits and downs and having spoken to some people at the weekend we might start doing some low pole work with her too. Today is the first day since her op that I have her at home all day as Paul has some days at work where he won’t be able to take her in as he has to go to London. So might try the pole work with her later.

This weekend was also the BSSF national championships race, the last one of the season. We missed the last one because of her operation, it was the same weekend so I didn’t want Paul to miss this one. We booked a cottage with Josh and Becky which meant we could keep Raven crated whilst we were there. She was out most of the day at the race venue, walking around, watching teams, watching people. Sometimes she would still bark at people she didn’t know (and some she did know!) but there is a massive improvement to what she was like. There is definitely a bit of fear there, she is a little unsure and her way of coping is to bark at people and dogs and anything else she isn’t sure about but she is getting better and so I am hoping that if we keep doing what we are doing then she will eventually grow out of it a bit.

Raven (right) next to half aunt Trio and half cousin Lyric (left)

Whilst we were there we met up with Donna (Seahaven Munsterlanders) she bred Rookie, Raven’s dad.

We have always liked Donna’s dogs. We never had the opportunity to meet Raven’s grandmother Maddie but she was full sister (older litter) to Dill’s dad Doug and I am sure there isn’t a paddockridge dog out there that we wouldn’t fall completely in love with. Am sure it is that paddockridge look that meant we fell for Rookie! We also really like Lyric (Dill adores her!) and Lyric is looking so good at the moment!

We were obviously careful about Raven meeting them, Lyric so wanted to play with her and Raven really wanted to play but obviously she can’t at the moment. She tried to get quite a few dogs to play at the weekend which though annoying was nice to see because at least she is feeling well enough to want to play.

I am hoping so much that next week the vet will allow us to slowly let her be a proper puppy again. She needs to be able to get out and run about, I have already told the vet this. She is a strong working breed, she needs to be worked and that means physically as well as mentally. I am happy to find different things for her to do and will start her on catnip scentwork soon now she is moving around better. I will probably update this on Monday so I can get everything written down before I forget anything. Please keep fingers crossed that the vet allows her to be a puppy again, not sure what we will do with her otherwise. She just wants to be a puppy and we feel she is ready to be again.