A Year On….

A Year On….

It is hard to believe that it is a year on from Raven’s spinal op. Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t all be easy going and she still isn’t ‘normal’ in fact we have the physio coming out to see her tomorrow but all in all…. she has a pretty normal life.

She turned a year old in September and we started her canicross training. Unsurprisingly she took to it quite well though she definitely didn’t have the focus to go forward. She is incredibly birdy and very hunty so it isn’t unusual for Paul to run her in a straight line only for her to suddenly jump into a bush! She is getting the hang of it though but we are taking it very slowly.

In September we also took her to the vets to get her hips and elbows xrayed. I was very keen to get these done, more because I wanted to see what her spine looked like rather than what her hips scored as. I wasn’t overly worried about her scores because her family has a great record of hip scores, all of which can be seen here on her dads page. Raven’s came back with clear elbows, scoring a 0 and really good hips scoring 3/2 giving an overall score of 5. Nothing wrong with her hips and elbows which is impressive with everything she went through. Clearly some very good genes there!

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In other new we haven’t really done much in the way of racing this year. For whatever reason things just don’t seem to be working out how we would like. Paul and Mozi won a CaniX race at Cannock Chase in October. They then competed at a SDAS race at Sherwood Pines and then competed at the BSSF race at Thetford. They placed at all the races but from then on things went a bit downhill. Thetford wasn’t fun for us, we weren’t in the mood for racing and then there are some in the race world who now seem more interested in winning then enjoying their time with their dogs. Being that racing has to be fun for us and people have started playing mind games and making it not so fun, we have sort of lost any desire to go to races.

However in the mean time we did set up a Canicross Lincolnshire group! There has always been a sub group of Canicross Midlands over in Lincolnshire but due to various reasons it isn’t active anymore. That and most people that like to canicross over here aren’t interested in being part of a club that seems to prioritise racing. A lot of the people that are coming to our social runs are not interested in canicross races or if they are interested in racing they don’t want to be travelling a long way to do so. However due to the lack of the club over here there was nothing to help introduce beginners to the sport and so now we are putting on a run each month for people to meet up and run. It’s not a club as such, just a group of people meeting up, learning from each other and having a good time. Two of the four people that put the group together also have kit from K9 Trail Time so we are able to help fit equipment for people. So far we are enjoying our social group, though Paul did go over and sprain his ankle on our first meet! A month later he is slowly starting to run on it and our social group seems to be growing and everyone is enjoying it! It is a great way to get ours out in social groups and Lily has been loving leading out these runs!

Back to the little one…. her gundog training has been going really well. Annoyingly she is also incredibly good at picking up injuries so it is nearly the end of the shooting season and we have already missed several days where we could have been out. If all goes well she will be out on Saturday. She will have to have her paw booted as she sliced her pad but its looking fine so as long as she keeps it booted then she should be fine. She won’t be doing much either just watching and learning. We will be staying behind the picker uppers and watching. Maybe if she is good and we are lucky she might get a retrieve! Fingers crossed it all goes well and we are invited back! I am so proud of how well she is doing. She is at that age where her recall is a little hit or miss but for the most part, she is doing amazingly.

She has a physio session tomorrow because her muscles especially down her back are very tight and it makes her back roached. Hopefully after tomorrow we will have a plan of action to get her sorted. We put a lot of time into her, to help her have a normal life as much as possible.

So I don’t know how many blog updates there will be over the next year as we are currently not into agility and not doing races. We do however have a plan to sort the house out and by and convert a van into a camper. So we might be a bit quiet for a while. In the mean time it is worth keeping an eye on our instagram as lots go up on there and in the stories every day!