It’s been a while….

It’s been a while….

So it really has been a while since I have sat down to write a blog entry. Obviously the world has changed quite a lot during that time and so all our plans for the racing season, all our plans for training Raven have gone out the window.

For the dogs, life is pretty normal. As I type, Raven and Mozi have just come in from playing in the garden and Raven is very dramatically limping. This is usual for her, it’s like a “well I only lost because he hurt me” sort of thing and just like that she is suddenly fine again. She is still very dramatic!

So what has happened?

Becky & Raven before their run

Well the race season was cancelled, not a massive issue for us as most of the races we had been entering were being cancelled due to lack of entries anyway and we had sort of given up on the season. Sadly it did mean we had to cancel the social runs for Canicross Lincolnshire, which is a group we have started up for the county to get more people out and running with their dogs. It was going really well, we have a good number of people attending runs and more people joining the group all the time. Lockdown also meant people started doing club and group virtual races so we were able to first take part in a 10 miles run, so ten people had to run their fastest one mile and the times were put together and submitted. Paul actually ran for K9 Trail Time Team with Mozi but Raven and Becky ran for team Canicross Lincolnshire. Paul’s team came 2nd overall which is pretty impressive and Canicross Lincolnshire came 11th out of 30 clubs – not bad for a newly formed group! This coming week we have a 50 mile race, so ten people have to run 50 miles between them, so some are running 2 miles, some 3, some 5 and some 10 and one even wants to run 15 miles! So hopefully if all goes well we will have two teams to submit for that one!

So as for harness training we have been getting out and doing what we can. As the weather hasn’t been too hot apart from the odd week it has allowed us to run and bike the dogs more than we would normally be at this time of year. It has also allowed us to get Raven out on the bike!

Raven’s 4th time out on the Bike!

She gets a little distracted at times but she is loving it! She lacks a lot of power but we think that is due to the lack of flexibility in her spine so she isn’t able to put it down like the others are. This means that her pulling speed is very similar to Lily’s even though she is bigger and has longer legs! It does mean that to canicross they make a good little two dog team. I still have hopes one day that she and Dill will race side by side even if it is only once!

There are other things to update you with but that can wait for another day! By all means check out the other videos on our youtube account to see the other dogs running and all but the first (technical issues!) of Raven’s bikejor runs are up there too!