Puppy training a 7 month old…

Large Munsterlander

Imagine spending all your life restricted, not being allowed to do anything. You don’t spend much time outside and when you do you are restricted. You want to go run around with your friends but you aren’t allowed. You have to watch though all you want is to be running around with them. Then you got a little bit of freedom. Just a little bit of freedom but suddenly the world is there, it smells amazing, you realise running is actually really fun… the world is just the best thing ever.

Then you realise your ears have a really good off switch.

Life is amazing.

Somehow we have to allow her that freedom whilst also working on getting her to listen to us. Munsterlanders aren’t the easiest at this age with their recall. It is so important to have a good basis, which is why you need to get them out straight away. We did get her out straight away and she was amazing but we had her out for 8 weeks, that is nothing especially when she then had 15 weeks restricted exercise.

So she has no recall. None. Every now and then you see glimpses that she remembers checking in is a good idea but then you take her somewhere else and that is completely forgotten. Today I decided to forget about trying to do recall work with her and instead introduced her to the change direction whistle. All the dogs know it, they know they turn on the spot and go in the other direction, they also know they don’t have to come to me and they can go off. So we didn’t do much in the way of walking, instead we went in one direction, pipped the whistle, turned around and ran off. To begin with she ran off on her own and I let her, there was no point getting over worried about it. It took her a couple of minutes but then she realised that we weren’t there and came running after us, we then pipped the whistle and ran in the other direction (yes I did actually run, crazy I know!). She got the idea, so much so that every time she ran past me she would stop and wait for me to pip the whistle.

She is still staying on the long line because I can at least grab her if I need to, there were a couple of times today but all in all she was pretty good. I have been training her to walk nicely on her slip lead with and without the nose loop so we were all able to walk calmly back to the car, which is something. We have a lot of work to do with her.

Now we have got to a point where she is needing to do things, I need to work on our relationship so am looking at classes to do with her. It will help if we can find something to do to help bond and increase the chance she might want to stay with me when out and about. I also want to do some gundog training with her but right now the world is far too amazing to have a chance of her concentrating on much outside. Oh and she really doesn’t like dummys!

Oh did I mention she has her first show in a few weeks? That could be rather comical! So far whenever anyone tries to go over her she leans on them and practically melts! She is far too cute and highly amusing. Not sure either of us are cut out for the show ring but we will give it a go before we go find something more energetic and interesting to do!

She is doing amazingly well though, a lot of people wouldn’t even know what happened to her. She got checked out by some people from the canine massage guild at the weekend and they said she is nicely balanced and they wouldn’t have a clue she had a major operation a few months ago. She is doing amazingly!