Raven – 2 years post op

Raven – 2 years post op

So I feel the update a year ago was more positive than this one will be. The last year hasn’t been great for anyone and I am trying to work out what has changed in the last year that means we are where we are.

The only things I can currently think of is that we stopped hydro along with the electromagnetic pulse field therapy. Maybe that was making more of a difference to her than we realised. Unfortuantely due to covid and lack of work on my end I can’t afford to take her back her to hydro even when we are allowed to.

So what has happened? Well… she struggles with very tight muscles, something we have always had to work with. However over the last year it seems to have got worse to the point where her muscles are now uneven. A friend of ours is training with the canine massage guild and has been giving her free massages as part of her course. Since we started releasing some areas she is clearly quite uncomforatable and this shows by how she is reacting to people and dogs outside the house. She has always been a bit nervy since being hospitalised, some dogs she will just be terrified of but that had been improving, in fact we had got to the point – with little to no work – that she would just ignore others. I haven’t done any desensitisation work with her, I don’t plan to unless it looks like we have a real issue. I really wanted to see whether or not this was a product of what has happened to her or if it is her.

She also has no glutes, this is something we did notice a year ago but I don’t think we quite realised it would end up with her not developing any at all. We have got an electric heat mat that she is now laying on several times a day on both sides and I am hoping that I can get a PMFT machine that we can use on her at home.

Not currently sure where we are going to go from here. I feel any plans of breeding her might be gone now. I am gutted about it but if she is in pain or things aren’t right… there is no way I can put her through pregnancy and birthing a litter. It sucks because there is so much about her that is amazing and there is a lot she could give. I am hoping that if it is a case of not being able to breed from her that maybe at some point I can get a bitch to breed back to her lines.

So this isn’t exactly the happiest of updates so I will put in some positives…

We have worked our first shooting season even though it was bitty and short. Raven was out picking up through a lot of it and she did really well. We have a lot to work on and covid lockdowns aren’t making it easy to spend time working on them. I am also hoping that I might be able to do a working test with her if they are allowed but I do have a lot of work to do with her before then.

I will hopeully put up another update when I know what is going on with Raven. For a dog that is possibly living every single day in a lot of pain, she really is incredible.