Three Months on…

Large Munsterlander

Three months since she had the op. Can’t believe that it’s been that long. It seems like forever ago whilst also being so recent too.

Since the physio came we have seen some serious improvements in her. Her ‘wonky’ leg is straghtening up, it still has the odd moment when she is tired but it is now sitting underneath her like it should be. It just seemed to suddenly go back to how it should be. We honestly don’t get why it suddenly seemed fine but I don’t care right now, it is where it should be. She is walking fine, now sitting fine and we have less random screams of pain when she is moving. So at the moment, we are feeling positive!

However I do have a puppy that is crazy sensitive when it comes to pain. Obviously it makes sense! However for example, at the weekend we took her in the caravan (first time since her op!) at an agility show. We were watching the champ final when she decided to jump on Paul’s lap but her back leg got stuck so she screamed and screamed and screamed. Paul walked her off and suddenly everything was fine and we then had to explain to some people that she is the puppy that cries wolf… a lot. They understood and she then played with their collie pup afterwards. It is something we need to watch though because she does cry wolf a lot and its a balancing act between making sure that she is okay and not making her a fuss so she learns screaming gets attention. She is throwing us some different challenges that is for sure!

Large Munsterlander

What I can say for sure is that in the most part she is a super happy girl, she loves playing with Mozi, she has munster moments with Dill where they constantly try and steal toys off each other because they both have to have all of them. Lily tolerates her cuddles sometimes but does enjoy playing with her. She is so one of the family, she is cheeky, pushes boundaries and stresses me out at times but I adore her. Due to her improvements physically we are starting to ‘go back in time’ and restart her puppy training. It might sound silly but obviously she couldn’t go off lead so recall wasn’t possibly, she is also nearly 7 months and has quite a hunting brain on her so it will now be a lot more difficult to get a recall from her. We will get there though but it means giving her some freedom, if she can’t go anywhere she won’t see the point in coming back and these munsters need to see the point in something. We also didn’t try and teach her some of the normal commands as she found laying down properly very difficult for a very long time. It was easier to put it off then to try and push her or to accidentally train her to lay down in a position that wasn’t correct. So we now need to train her a down, work on her sit, which she does know – sometimes and then everything else. Finally getting to do puppy training with a close to teenage pup! Fun times ahead!

She got her first taste of freedom this week. It was only a short walk and on the common so reasonably restricted too. We just walked up and back again, she went out and hunted, she recalled all but once – which she clearly had the scent of something and when I turned around and walked off she did then chase after us. She was on the long line the whole time but I didn’t hold it for all the walk, some of the time I let her run, some of the time I held it. I just wanted to give her a bit of freedom so she chose to come back. She needs to learn she has choices and needs to learn she gets rewarded for making the right ones. We will only give her this freedom in more boring places for now as I know we won’t win against hares, deer or pheasants! She is officially allowed off lead next month so this won’t be a very common thing but just enough to start getting a recall. Though if I am honest she does less running around then she does pulling full steam at the end of the long line.

Things are going well at the moment. Lets hope they continue!