Two Months on…

Two Months on…

So Raven turns 6 months old tomorrow. Time is going quite quickly though also not really going quick enough.

She is still going to work with Paul, mostly because she is screaming if we try and leave her in her crate home alone, even with the other dogs about. I get it, when you were stuck in a crate so long and then you have got used to being out of it, you don’t want to be stuck in it again. The ironic thing is that she is crated all day whilst at work but due to the environment being a bit more stimulating she copes with it really well. The plan is to move the house around a bit so we can leave her loose with Dill but separate from Lily and Mozi. This is mostly because Dill won’t play with her if she demands it where as the other two will. She does love to play and can be a bit of a pain when she wants to play, Dill is apparently the only one that can say no and she will listen.

Raven enjoys her weekdays, she goes to work with Paul in the morning, gets to run about out the back of work, then she spends all morning in her crate, goes for a walk at lunch time and then spends the afternoon in her crate. She loves the attention she gets from the people at work and she has got used to scary noises, people she doesn’t know, strange dogs. Today we took her into pets at home where there were lots of strange people and strange dogs and she didn’t bark once. Massive improvements! I really didn’t believe that at one stage we would be able to do that without her barking. She has improved massively but that is due to her being able to go to work with Paul and being in a busy environment.

All her walks are still on lead though we do let her on the long line, it gives her the ability to go and hunt, which is essential if we want her to be able to recall! It means that we get her to work that little nose of hers but still learning to listen to us. Something that is vital for a young munster to learn.

She has been enjoying being able to get out with the others, going on walks and being a normal puppy. It is hard for us to not let the long line go, she is so good on walks it seems harsh to keep hold of her but we have till May and we will stick to it.

Hydrotherapy has been going well, she has started pacing in the treadmill which isn’t ideal. She has no issue being in the treadmill though and she works well. We originally fed her peanut butter whilst she worked but she started going wonky so she now gets treats to get her walking straight. She is still a little off on her back left leg, most of the time you don’t notice it and to be honest I think most people wouldn’t notice it but I do. Every time she sits a little wonky, she doesn’t stand quite square… they are small things and not constant but they still aren’t quite right. We are currently talking to a physio about coming and seeing her, just want someone else to check her over.

Training wise, she is far too clever. She has learnt to open the kitchen door if we don’t shut it properly and earlier today she managed to help herself to a tripe stick! She takes a while to actually learn commands, I am still not convinced she actually knows what ‘sit’ means but we have time for that, she has had a lot to get though and she is really starting to enjoy life. Training can come later, after all who wants a perfectly well behaved dog anyway?

So what next? Well… I need to get over myself and take her to ringcraft sessions. I have put it off, partly because of what I am like and partly because I didn’t know if she would cope being in a hall with lots of people and dogs she didn’t know but I think she could cope with it, so that is one less excuse to avoid going. She is entered into a show, it might end up being the only one we go to but we will give it a go. She is very small, we are wondering whether the trauma of her accident and the cocktail of crazy strong drugs has stunted her growth. She was never going to be the biggest, it is partly the reason we chose her but when you look at her growth chart, she definitely hasn’t grown as much as I would say is normal. Her growth is steady, so steady it increases slower than all the other three. She is however in good proportion so if we have a minature munsterlander then so be it! All we do know is that we have a sweet, loving, comedic, affectionate little girl who hasn’t got a clue what has happened to her and lives every day with such enthusiasm. She is amazing.