Two weeks post op…

Two weeks post op…

Having some time out with Mozi and Paul

So it has been two weeks since the operation and this last week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Raven has been amazing, me, not so much. I won’t lie this process is hard. The not knowing about what will happen is hard, the fact that her confidence has been shattered is hard. My lovely sweet happy puppy is no more and that is really difficult.

This week we have been having her out as much as possible in the evenings, she is living in a harness so we can restrict her movement and her running around (which she is desperate to do!). So she comes out most evenings with her harness and lead on, we all sit on the floor (which is super uncomfortable!) and spend time with her, cuddling her, training, just letting her lay on us eating chews. Just normal dog things.

During the day she has been going to work with Paul, she has a crate set up where she gets people walk past her at various points during the day, she has her own radio set up, gets lots of chews and treats and she sleeps all morning, gets her little walks at lunch time and then sleeps all afternoon till they come home. She has been an angel and really can’t ask more of her.

Meeting our friend Sue at agility

This weekend she came to an agility show with us. We had a big discussion about whether we thought she would cope with it and we decided we could always park far away from everything, keep a distance and see how she does. She did so much better then we expected her to do, she coped with meeting people that she hadn’t seen for a month or so and meeting people (and dogs) that she had never met before. There was a bit of scared barking but she didn’t have a meltdown like she has been having and in general she coped with it better then we could have imagined. It did her the world of good and we even walked past some vans almost into the arena (we didn’t want to push it!) without any fearful barking. Small steps but it reassured us, we can do this.

Today she went training down the woods with us. The boys desperately need to train but we haven’t been able to do much as Paul won’t go on his own in the evenings for safety reasons and we weren’t sure she was ready for it. After yesterday we figured she could go, we get there so early the woods are usually really quiet anyway. She was amazing, there were some dogs I saw whilst she was out that I knew would react to her and we don’t need that right now so I moved her out the way so she didn’t see them. She did woof at one person she saw and she had a meltdown when Paul biked back with some of our friends running the boys but she soon got over it when she realised who they were.

Raven on a walk today

It’s difficult to explain how this week has gone, we are both coping with this in very different ways. Paul is working towards the future and taking every day as it is, making the most of every moment she has when she is being a puppy. I on the other hand am steal dealing with the guilt, the broken dreams and all of that. It is selfish, which you know makes the guilt worse but there are times I look at her and can’t stop myself crying. I am finding it hard to work with her when out and about, Paul has been amazing with her and the progress she has made is down to him.

We have had some swelling appear this week around her incision, we emailed our vet down at Dick White and he suggested that we get it drained either there or at our own vets. So we took her to our own vets because to be honest I didn’t really want to drive a four hour round trip if we could avoid it. That and with how she is at the moment, I didn’t want to risk that she would find it scary going back there right now. So our vets agreed to do it, they were great, in fact they have been amazing. I kept Raven outside whilst someone was in there and unfortuantly keeping her hidden away wasn’t enough to stop her having a mini break down when the person came out. However she was very happy to pull her way into the vet surgery. She stood and ate out of the packet of pate whilst they shaved a couple of patches on her back and stuck a needle in to drain the liquid. She just ate the pate quite happily and afterwards just strutted around the vets as if she owned it. Was so proud of her. With all she has been through and she was still happy to be there.

She is coping with being crated all the time rather well really, I think it helps that she is teething at the moment so all she needs is lots of chews and she is quite happy. The Yak bars and Pizzle sticks are definitely her favourites! She finishes her medication tomorrow morning so we will see how it goes after that. She starts hydro on Wednesday, she will have it weekly to help get her moving again and help build her back up. This little one will get the best care one way or another, even if it means I am skint for the next few months!