Pomppa Ambassadors!!!

Pomppa Ambassadors!!!

Lily and I
Lily in her Kevyt Pomppa Coat

Lily is getting older and we have noticed over the last few months she seems to feel the cold slightly more than she used to. For this reason and my general over paranoia when it comes to her I started looking into coats. She has quite a thick labrador coat so I didn’t want to get her anything that would then make her too hot if we went on a walk somewhere and we put the coat on to keep the wind and rain off her. I also wanted something that wouldn’t hinder her movement in any way and so after some research I came across the Pomppa coats.

The coats cover all the major muscle groups but still allows complete freedom of movement, especially around the shoulder area. They also come in four different thickness types though from where I bought them from they had three of the coats, and the jumppa but I wanted the coat due to the shoulder cover. I had the options of the Kevyt or the Perus coats as the Toppa was going to be far too thick for all round use.

Lily in her Kevyt Pomppa coat and Mozi in his Perus coat

We picked the Kevyt and got it in the plum colour as it is Lily’s colour. It fits her beautifully and she has happily ran around on our walks in it! Within the week we also then ordered Mozi one, but being he doesn’t have a thick natural coat we got him the Perus in Juniper with its nice comfy teddy lining and it is super comfy! Thankfully his arrived just in time for the first snow we have seen in three years!

Whilst getting a little too excited about the new coats and planning getting one for Raven too, I noticed that Pomppa were doing an ambassador search! I emailed in, a day late, on the off chance. I was loving our coats and the opportunity to advertise a company who creates something that not only keeps our dogs lovely and warm but also allows them to move! I never thought for one second that I would actually get picked!

But yet here we are: Pomppa Ambassadors 2021 or Pompassador! All the dogs now have coats, they all have the Sade coat, which is a nice light weight rain coat ready for when this pandemic is over and we can get out on some adventures! We are so excited to be working with this brand and are so looking forward to the next year with them!

Mozi wearing Perus, Raven & Dill in Sade and Lily in Kevyt Pomppa coats